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06-20-2018, 07:04 PM
On a '69 TR6,
is it possible to push the throw out bearing so far forward against the fingers of the pressure plate,
that the fork' dowel pins come out of the groove of the bearing sleeve/carrier?

The problem I have,
the push rod of the clutch slave cylinder came so far out, I lost the fluid.
The cross shaft lever felt like the fork was not engaged with the bearing.
I pulled the gearbox, thinking it was a broken pin.
The pins are all intact and now I can't see what the problem was
(unfortunately the lever moved, the bearing fell out and evidence was lost).

I've read almost everything I could find on the Buckeye website and other sources, and could not find a precedent.

Four photos:
- the 'dent' or wear mark on the end of the fork dowel pin (driver side),
- the marks left (seemingly) by the pin on the back outer edge of the sleeve,
- the fingers, to show how little wear there is,
- where the pin and sleeve would've met to cause the damage (bearing no longer seated on the gearbox front cover).

The slave cylinder is new, the master cylinder is relatively new.
The clutch has approximately 20 thousand km, mostly highway miles, Automotive Product make, from Borg & Beck tooling, I surmise.
Two clues:
- the slave cylinder push rod was attached to the lowest hole on the cross shaft lever (incorrectly, trying to get better leverage),
- the link between the master cylinder push rod and the clutch pedal lever has a lot of play (shaft and clevis pin hole).

Those 2 issues should not have caused the problem, it should make it more difficult to release the clutch (me thinks).
Micrometer is not currently available to measure clearance between the sleeve and gearbox front cover.
I figured the bearing would have to move forward approximately 1.25 inch from its resting position against the fingers,
in order for the sleeve to come off the gearbox front cover.

Has anyone experienced this and how do I make sure it doesn't happened again?
Should there be a 'bumper' on the back of the clutch pedal lever, where it meets with the firewall, to restrict its travel?

I've had the car 44 years, no modifications from original-design replacement parts.

06-20-2018, 08:57 PM
Was the new slave cylinder mounted correctly in it's bracket ?54196

06-20-2018, 11:06 PM
Bravo, you are correct Sir!
as much as it pains me to admit to such novice error.

To work out how the bearing came off the gearbox front cover,
I can refer to the Sticky Clutch page of the Buckeye website and I quote:

Some tilting of the sleeve is not surprising since the pins of the clutch fork sweep through the front end cover center line, but are either above or below the centerline during part of the sleeve travel....

by attaching the slave cylinder with its 'ears' to the front of the plate, I actually changed the arc of
" the clutch fork sweeping through the front end cover center line"
Thank you Sir