View Full Version : General TR TRA in Blowing Rock NC 2018

06-13-2018, 01:38 PM
I wish I had the time to cross country to TRA in Blowing Rock NC, the venue looks excellent!!

Are there any TRA attendees from Colorado or neighboring states who might be able to bring a set of non-rodent infested good condition TR6 seats from Joe Ernest back to Colorado for me? I will make it worth your trouble in beverages, food, gas money and British B.S.

I can drive to your location when you return or meet you roadside / restaurant / tavern as you pass through or near Colorado

Respond to StagByTriumph@triumphstagclub.org or look up Joe Earnest at the TRA event in Blowing Rock NC.

06-15-2018, 06:33 PM
Been to Blowing Rock a few years ago while traveling in our TR6. Being a rail fan we rode the Tweetsie. Was surprised to find the engineer was the same guy that was driving the train at Dollywood a 2 days earlier.