View Full Version : TR2/3/3A Drive end of speedo inner cable to large for pinion

06-02-2018, 04:32 PM
I recently received a gray 96 inch speedometer cable from TRF to replace the one from Moss that twisted off down by the pinion for the overdrive. I replaced the rubber seal for the bearing and pinion assembly. When I went to install the speedometer cable, the square end of the inner cable that goes into the pinion is slightly too large and won't go all the way into the pinion. I made some measurements of the new cable and some old cables. Here's what I got:
a) New TRF inner cable pinion end is .125" at very end and .127/.128" right where it goes into the cable housing. Won't go into the pinion very far and definitely not far enough.
b) The twisted off pinion end of the 1 year old cable from Moss= .113" at very end and .115" where it goes into the housing. This goes into the pinion very easily it's full length.
c) An old speedo cable that is very used and off a non-overdrive transmission = .120" for the length of the pinion end. This also goes into the pinion all the way and does not have any loose feel, i.e. seems to be exactly the correct size.

A couple of questions:
1) Is it possible to file down the outside of the inner cable without ruining the wrapped metal? It would need to be filed about .007" total or about .0035 on each side.
2) What is the normal size of of the square pinion end of the inner cable? Has TRF's vendor made this end too large?

p.s. the speedo end of the cable seems to go in ok.

06-02-2018, 08:44 PM

I happened to have an NOS 8' Smith's inner cable available (I'm going through boxed stuff in prep for a move). Both ends are .120; I saw no difference at the tip. The gearbox end has about 7/8" of "square" and the speedo end sticks out about 3/8" past the plastic bush. Looks like your repro is a few thou too large, but enough to be a problem.

Those twisted wires are pretty stiff; a careful Dremmel 'adjustment' would probably work.



06-03-2018, 06:47 AM
Anybody got one of these? (I haven't seen one in 50 years.) One whack and your done. The Moss supplier didn't properly square it.