View Full Version : Wedge Which Parts to get from an '80/81 TR7?

03-27-2018, 10:05 AM
Hello Wedgeheads,
I have found a trunk/boot lid for my '80/81 TR8 as well as a, hopefully, good blue interior. The seller says the interior is "presentable" and we all know the range of conditions that can represent. A friend has spoken for the hood/bonnet. I also plan on taking the tail lights for spares.
My question to you good and knowledgeable people is what other parts I should take off this car? In particular the parts that were only used on the very late TR7s and 8s. Pieces of trim, small mechanical items like wiper motors and the like that can be removed w/o major surgery.
I look forward to your replies and wish all the best to you and yours.
Thank You,

03-27-2018, 02:17 PM
The trunk lid for the '81 is not the same as the '80.