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03-16-2018, 09:27 PM
I've decided that I'll sell the F150 ('96.4WD SuperCab,351.automatic),as it just doesn't
make sense to drive on my 30 minute commute (one way) to work.
I'm looking into getting an '86 - '97 Nissan King Cab,so I can still have a truck,& as I figure
I can sell the F150 for around $8000,I'd get a car also.Here are the things I need in a car.....

Cheap - $2500 - $3000

Reliable - I don't want something I can't rely on

Fun to Drive - As we live in the Blue Ridge Mountains,
I want something I can enjoy on the back roads

Unusual/Interesting - Willing to give on that one

Good gas Mileage - Something cheap to operate.
Gas is about $2.299 now

I'm considering a Miata,as they are cheap this time of year,
but want to find out more about them,if I start looking.

Anyone have ideas/suggestions?52890

03-17-2018, 04:19 PM
So Doug, you're going to get a different pickup *and* a fun car?

There's a lot of positive comment on BCF, as well as other car sites, on Miatas of all ages. Top down, driving through the mountains - sounds good to me.

Do a search here on Miata; you'll find lots of good reports.

Tom M.

03-17-2018, 08:00 PM
Old Diesel Mercedes would be a good option. Decent mileage, reliable, sort of different, sort of classic (okay not really on either of the last two).

03-17-2018, 08:23 PM
Mercedes? Did someone say ... Mercedes??? Twisting mountain roads?


A 1955 300 SL. Not for the squeamish (or someone without really deep pockets).

03-17-2018, 09:01 PM
Oooh! Diesela could be an option!

...but I wouldn't give her up.

03-18-2018, 08:08 PM
After "revealing" my plans to the Wife,I was informed
that "we" already have enough vehicles,& that we don't need
another one,so I may use common sense,& use the extra money
on the GT & Midget,& pay off the VISA bill (again!).
Sorry Drew.......

On the other hand,I'll be looking for a nice '90 - '97 Nissan King Cab -
4 cylinder,2 or 4WD.I figure for $5000 - $6000,I should be able to find a good one.
If anyone hears of one like that,please contact me.I'm willing to travel to get it.

03-20-2018, 02:08 PM
Great video Tom. I like how he has bare arms but in the rear view mirror you can see him wearing what appears to be a fire retardant hood. That slip towards the end is a little scary.

03-20-2018, 02:52 PM
We restored a gullwing a couple decades ago. I wouldn't have the 'nads to push it hard. Too much responsibility.

03-21-2018, 10:19 PM
Push it too hard and it will spin, tail first.
Don't ask me how I know. There's certain rotary near Rte 128 in Boston that may have tire marks from 1957.

03-22-2018, 10:21 AM
We put the first 500 miles on the resto, toolin' about in Sarasota. Got it up to speed on I-95 a few times but never pushed it hard enuff to find its limits. Too much invested to chance it. It went home to the owner in Michigan in the late '90's.