View Full Version : General TR Rear Hub Backing Plate

02-26-2018, 02:03 AM
I just reinstalled my axles, hubs and backing plates, TR4A solid axle. I greased everything up and put in new shims, and my end float is perfect at .004. But I'm bothered by how much grease got slathered over the hub bearing assembly and that "squeezed and oozed" out between the hub assembly and backing plat, and into the threaded bolt holes where I reinstalled the six bolts and then torqued them down.

I probably should have cleaned the grease away with solvent or "Brake Klean" and added some Loctite to avoid the bolts getting loose over time. However, I did very carefully bend the tab washers up against each bolt. Can I rely on those tab washers or should I just suck it up, pull the bolts out, clean then and order new tab washers. I'm just not familiar with the stresses back there, the likely impact of the grease and the reliability of tab washer.

Thanks in advance. The Pic below shows that tab washer, Part No. 52.


02-26-2018, 02:25 AM
Loctite didn't exist when that axle was designed :)
The locktabs should be fine.