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05-08-2017, 11:46 PM
This car was up for sale by sealed bid along with some very old, very pricey VWs, BMWs, a Speedster and other cars. Shockingly the car drew little attention and was over looked. The car has been in very dry..out of sunlight for almost 40 years. It's in Wellington Kansas but may be broght to NM soon to try selling locally. I have one pic and will try to post. If I can't, contact me and I'll e-mail what I have and will get more in a day or so. Asking 7,000.

05-08-2017, 11:47 PM
Pic wouldn't post.

05-13-2017, 07:23 AM
Interested here! Please email photos and info. We've emailed each other before.

PM sent

Tom M.

Mickey Richaud
05-13-2017, 07:28 AM
Believe it's already sold.

05-13-2017, 07:49 AM
good grief ...

What happened - it's only been four days since it was posted.

Mickey Richaud
05-13-2017, 07:56 AM
He first posted it a while back - part of an estate sale. Maybe Jack will drop by and fill us in.

05-13-2017, 08:13 AM
Probably this post from March:


He says he decided to buy the TD in that post.

But this new post says a TD is for sale in Wellington KS, as of May 8.


05-20-2017, 06:46 AM
Any updates? MGTD posted for sale on May 8?

Emails and PMs sent - no replies.


05-29-2017, 11:33 PM
Everything sold and all vehicles are currently being picked up by shippers. TD was one of the last cars ...and cheapest ..to go. I posted the cars some time ago and didn't generate much interest.

05-30-2017, 06:15 AM
Thanks Jack. When you posted this on May 8, I thought the TD was still for sale, so I contacted you just five days later.

Tom M.