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04-12-2017, 04:48 PM
1. Austin Healey 4.10 rear end pumpkin (third member) with QuaifeŽ torque biasing unit offered for sale. This unit was one of four rear end ratios with QuaifeŽ torque biasing that were built for my rally car. This ratio has not been used so the QuaifeŽ new. The unit also has all new pinion bearings and pinion seal.

2. New in box set of full race JE Pistons that I do not need. They are 84.5mm (3.327 Inches), the maximum allowable to remain under 3 liters.Paid to have them custom made, with new pins (including spiro locks), thin rings, tuff coat on skirt and thermal barrier coating on the crown. The crown undercut. Paid almost $1200 delivered. Will sell at discount and take small loss. Have pictures and invoice for serious inquiry.

3. Liege cam with bucket followers that is extra to my use (bucket followers require longer push rods). Will sell for fair offer. Best cam factory ever developed. Grind was used in Liege-Rome-Liege rally 1961, then, so good, used at Sebring 1965.

4. Camshaft core that has been welded up to take any radical grind. Will need some straightening by the cam grinder. Cams usually move a little when welded.

5. Wolf V550 engine computer ran my car beautifully. Switched over to new sponsor and now using Motec. Do not need the Wolf. My maps still loaded in computer.

6. Set of three 48mm tapered throttle bodies for use with fuel injection with injectors.

7. Engine block bored to 84mm; set of perfect 84mm pistons (should use new rings & spiro locks) with pins; set of BJ8 connecting rods;

8. BJ8 lightened flywheel; BJ8 clutch with carbon-fibre disk and matched pressure plate never slipped with high horsepower.

9. +.020 Main bearings; +.010 rod bearings (two sets)

10. Right and left BJ8 doors, perfect, painted BRG

email: rjh@hockertlaw.us all parts in Dallas, TX