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Randy Forbes
01-28-2017, 10:21 AM
Very minor complaint of an otherwise outstanding website, but I do want to mention it nonetheless (who knows, maybe nobody else has, and feels the same way...).

By now, most forums, regardless of the subject, beit cars, mountain climbing or cooking, all follow the same general appearance and characteristics. I'm sure that a large number of the members here visit other forums as well; I'm personally active on 6-8 forums myself.

I cannot think of another forum that holds the page-break to only ten (10) posts. Most are either 20/21 or 25/26 posts to a page.

A hot topic can generate a dozen posts pretty quick, easily in the span of one forum visit to the next. When I open up the Healey Forum (admittedly, about the only one here that consistently holds my limited attention, though I do wander into the MGB one on occasion) and see a "new thread topic" that's already two (2) or three (3) pages, I am disinclined to open it, feeling I'm already too far behind to catch up. It's a psychological thing I suppose, because I'm conditioned by other forums that could still be on the first page of the thread.

If it's as simple as just changing a setting from 10 to 20, then I'd like to voice my vote to do so. If it requires a revamp of the database to accomplish this, then I'll accept your reluctance to do so.

Thanks for hearing me out, and like I said, it's still a great forum.

Mickey Richaud
01-28-2017, 10:46 AM
Randy -

Good question! Click on "Settings" in the upper portion of the page. Then on the left under "My Account", click on "General Settings". Scroll down to "Thread Display Options" and you'll see choices for number of posts displayed.


Randy Forbes
01-28-2017, 11:52 AM
Haha! Wasn't that easy :) Thanks Mickey, I'm glad I spoke up__wish I had done it sooner!

For the most part, I come from the if it isn't broke, don't fix it segment, so I never looked into the options.

Looks like we'd have a lot to talk about; my first ever sportscar was a new 1973 MGB, and my last (of about 16, including parts/projects) MGB was a '70 GT that I put a 3.8 Buick V6 in.

Though I still have the Healey 2-seater I bought in 1978, my day job keeps me surrounded by what an MGBGT/Healey hybrid always wanted to be...



Mickey Richaud
01-28-2017, 12:11 PM
The GT we have is a very enjoyable car to drive/ride in. 3.4 V6, Air conditioning and five-speed make it a great cruiser!

01-28-2017, 01:26 PM
Randy, your cry was not in vain- your observation is valid and I have made a change so that now a thread will display 20 posts per page before it generates the 1 2 3... new page links. It's been at 10 forever and it's just one of those little things I never gave a lot of thought to since I initially set up this brand of forum software.

Anyway, you're right that most forums display more than 10 posts per page, so I have doubled that number.

Keep in mind, this is the "default" number of posts per page, but as Mickey points out, individual members can go into settings and change to fit personal taste (show more or less posts per page), up to a max of 40.