View Full Version : Wanted Jaguar MK2 fuel tank and Radiator

01-14-2017, 11:14 PM
I need a fuel tank for my 67 mk2 340. Also may need a good radiator.

01-22-2017, 01:36 PM
Remembering the mantra "Jaguars have an appetite for one hundred dollar bills", XKS in their latest flyer have new, improved, cheaper MK2 petrol tanks for $595 plus shipping. New aluminium radiators, too.

The chances of finding a MK2 petrol tank, all the years later, that is in usable condition are not very good.

But, you may just luck out!

04-03-2017, 06:17 AM
Thanks for sharing information.

04-14-2017, 01:57 PM
Welsh catalogue showed up two days ago, new MK2 tank, $495.

03-05-2018, 07:29 AM
Thanks for sharing information.

03-24-2018, 01:59 PM

Did you ever find your tank?

04-24-2018, 01:29 PM
I got a radiator and a radiator top tank l'll throw in with it....
radiator needs servicing....got plenty of MK-l/ll pts also..
also XK-120/140/150...E-Type...Triumph....and MG...selling
off inventory.
jakdino11 (jakdino11@gmail.com):atgmail.com

04-24-2018, 02:36 PM
Hey JAGLIFE, I edited your email address to use the :at (smilie) inlace of the actual "@" sign. When you post your email address in any open forum it makes you susceptible to spam bots that crawl the internet looking for email addresses to "harvest." By using the :at instead it does not look like an email address to a bot, but a human can still see it as such.

04-30-2018, 11:54 PM
as long as you all know the original post was over 15 months ago and dragged up by two now apparently removed scammers (now listed as "guest). If he doesn't have them by now, at least he has quit looking here.
He went from BE's to a Jag, last locate-able post was the top one in this thread.