View Full Version : Morgan sighting, but flat

09-12-2016, 10:48 AM
Coming back from the beach (NC OBX) on Saturday, stopped off in Glouchester Courthouse (in Tidewater VA area) for lunch. On a recommendation, ate at Olivia's ( oliviasinthevillage.com (https://www.oliviasinthevillage.com/) ), decent but unexciting food, service mediocre. Anyway, the whole town is a bit artsy, and this place is decorated in paintings that are for sale. I noticed something on the far wall, went over to check it out, a painting of a car as reflected in the hubcap of another car. Definitely a Morgan, likely a +4, although the sign on the painting didn't say so. Not a bad painting but $$$ and anyway, I don't have a Morgan. If an enthusiast and you're in the neighborhood... well, I just thought I'd mention it.