View Full Version : For Sale Reconditioned Convertible top frame, header bow, seal retainer- Midget/Sprite - $120

08-29-2016, 08:40 PM
Reconditioned Convertible top frame, header bow with seal retainer piece - Midget or Sprite - $120 (https://www.mgexp.com/phorum/read.php?42,3334761,3334761#msg-3334761)

This is a complete and reconditioned top frame and header bar (aka "bow"https://static.mgexp.com/phorum/mods/smileys/images/smilie3.gif, AS WELL AS the aluminum seal retainer strip.
It fits most Midgets and Sprites (see Fitment, below).

The frame and header piece have already been sanded down and primed to avoid oxidizing; they are very nice and clean. The header rail seal retainer is aluminum and needs no paint.
This seal retainer piece is a bonus.
The header barís nuts and bolts are all intact. It can easily be repainted to any color you choose, however, I am not sure that it is even visible once the convertible top canvas is in place.

Fitment, per Moss Motor catalog:
1) Header bar (#400-695) fits 1964-1980 MG Midgets and Austin Healey Sprites with roll up windows;
2) Top frame assembly (#400-680) fits 1967-1980 Midgets and Sprites.

The header bar cost $270 when new from the catalog (seal retainer is about $12); the top frame is $450 new Ė total would be $730+.

I want $120 for this package, plus shipping and PayPal fees (in other words, "gift" the payment to me when checking out of PayPal).
You can calculate shipping by USPS yourself, or contact me. Package dimensions are:
48" x 20" x 8Ē; it weighs 18lbs
It would be coming from zip code 40165.

Thanks for looking.