View Full Version : For Sale Complete windshield frame (no glass) - fits Midget , Sprite II up -$70

08-29-2016, 08:20 PM
Complete windshield frame (no glass) - fits Midget II, III, IV, 1500; Sprite II onward (https://www.mgexp.com/phorum/read.php?42,3334921,3334921#msg-3334921)

I am selling the complete windshield frame, minus the glass, taken from a 1975 Midget 1500.
Per Moss catalog, this frame was used on Midget II, III, IV, 1500, and Sprite II onward.

The glass is still present (BROKEN), just to show the completeness of the frame.
It includes visor clips as well as convertible hood plates, and center "mirror" bar.
I will disassemble the frame and remove the glass prior to mailing.

I'd call this frame to be in good condition -- considering it's 40 years old.
No dents or unsightly marks.
Can send more pics if requested.