View Full Version : For Sale FS - Used Midget padded dash, fits Midget 1968-1980 - $25

08-29-2016, 07:46 PM
This is a used Midget dash board, black, with four indicator lights still attached (both turning signal indicator lights, blue light, and red light -- no bulbs).
It has some cracks -- see pics.
HOWEVER, these cracks are in the typical locations that would be covered by a dash cap, which you can purchase separately, and which will last forever.

I had a dash cap, and I fitted this cap over the cracks, and the cracks are completely covered -- I TOOK PIX OF THE DASH WITH THE CAP IN PLACE TO DEMONSTRATE THE COMPLETE COVERAGE (see the last 2 pix below).

NOTE: The dash cap DOES NOT convey with this sale -- you must purchase your own dash cap (about $60 from Moss).

The back of the dash has been sprayed black to prevent oxidation and preserve the condition.,

See pics.

New dash boards cost $295 per Moss.
I am asking $25, plus PayPal fees plus shipping.