View Full Version : Passing emissions to get a Collector Plate!

07-10-2005, 04:34 PM
Let the games begin! My Spitfire (these are the issues)1500 has HC of 1800 and backfires through exhaust when I shut it off. Any ideas how to check the HC reading as I try to tune to pass emmissions? Spec's are; 1500 cc .020 overbore, HS4 SU's with AAR needles, K&N air filtrs, Kent cam and Monza exhaust from VB. Stock electronic ignition. Thanks!!

Geo Hahn
07-10-2005, 08:35 PM
Some states have dedicated testing facilities operated by the state (AZ is like that) others have garages that are licensed to perform the test (CA I think). Don't know how WI does it but if the latter arrangement, you may be able to find a helpful garage that will let you tune & test to get a number then they do the real test.

Seems like you would start by getting it as lean as possible. You don't say what RPM this is tested at, if it's HC at idle simply increasing the idle speed might help. I used to have a Fiat that would only pass when the 'idle' was set above 3000 rpm. It was so noisy in the test facility they never noticed the engine was racing.

07-10-2005, 10:12 PM
Speaking of collectors' plates and the likes, here in Louisiana, there are no emission requirements save a few parishes (counties). For the most part, simply getting an inspection sticker is just a mechanical safety check - brakes, lights, etc. We, like most states, offer a variety of vanity plates, including the "antique" plate. The advantage of this is a one-time fee and that's it. Kinda cool. But, a few years ago, the state issued a custom plate that was sponsored by the "right to life" group. Like so many groups and organizations, this was for those that don't believe in abortion (I thought they were talking about my TR6 before I resurrected it!). Well, fair is fair, the pro-choice people wanted one too. Someone in the DMV took moral objection to this and wouldn't issue the plates. The lawyers (ACLU) stepped in and sued the state. You guessed it, there have been no new vanity plates available in the state for the last two years, with no end in sight. Save regular vanity plates, like "TR6BILL" or something like that, no organizations can issue any new plates, including antique plates. So, all the universities, the vets, the black bears, the spotted owls (wait, we don't have any spotted owls), etc. are in limbo. Just handicap and vanity plates. Only in Louisiana.


07-11-2005, 10:43 AM
To many peoples surprise, NJ, which has pretty strict inspection and emmisions requirements, doesn't have any inspection requirements at all for what we call "QQ" registration. Vintage and antique plates start with the letters QQ here and it's a one time only fee, with no inspection needed. You are technically limited to driving the car for show and educational purposes only, but unless a cop sees you driving it to work every day no one really says anything. I'm sure someones lawyer could make a point of that if there were an accident and they wanted to prove the car was being driven for a non-approved reason. The car has to be older than 25 years to get the QQ registration. We also have a "collector car" registration, which would be for something like a Ferrari or Viper, something modern but considered collectable and limited production but not neccessarily vintage or antique. This type of registration requires inspection though, not really sure what the advantage of having it is.

07-11-2005, 06:59 PM
In Georgia once a car reaches 25 there is no more inspection,and with a cars "deminished" value plates are only around $25.00.