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Simon TR4a
07-08-2005, 12:26 PM
My chassis is coming back tomorrow and I have the Por 15 ready to go.
My original chassis hadfront enddamage from a racing incident, as did the bodyshell of course, so I purchased a donor car from New Mexico. A previous owner had tried to install a V8 so the chassis needed repairs to the engine and transmission mounts, and my original front cross member was grafted in because the other one had been cut up to clear the sump of the V8. (I now have the rear half of an irs chassis available if anyone has a good front with a rusty rear, sometimes happens as oil leaks tend to protect the front!)
In the meantime the inner bodyshell has been stripped of undercoating and is on the trailer ready to go out for sandblasing and paint, it seems difficult to get painters to comeand give me estimates so I may haveto take it to them.
Calipers back from being rebuilt, sandblasted and look like new with new pistons and dust seals, diff seals are in and backlash being adjusted, various suspension assemblies are cleaned and painted and ready to go back onto the chassis.
I have purchased new front wheel bearings as a precaution, they look a bit complicated to install, any suggestions?
I heard today from a guy to whom I had sold many spare parts including a cylinder head and the old inner body tub, his engine builder accidentally dropped the rebuilt engine, cracking the block, so I think I have a buyer for my spare block; it all helps with the bills!