View Full Version : ignition light not going out

06-27-2005, 04:55 PM
I redid alot of my dash the other week. I took everything out and built a new dash for the car. But here is my problem.

The car starts but the ignition light stays on. It didn't do this before. I noticed when I was putting back the dash I also needed to fix a connection for the head lights. So I had to unwrap the bundle of wire by the key switch. I fixed the head lights but see there are 2 brown wires coming out of the ignition switch. On is wired to another wire but one looks like it is taped off or maybe the wire coming from it pulled out. Is the other brown wire meant for the radio? Or is it ment for something else. I have a new altn. so I don't think it is that. What else could it be. Could something on the light bulb be grounded or something? HELP.

06-28-2005, 04:25 PM
There was another thread on this not long ago, try searching for it.
In general sense, the light generally means the alternator is not putting anything out.
It's possible it could be something in the ignition switch wiring circuit but I highly doubt it.
Best bet is to check and clean all connectors, make sure the battery, cables and ground strap are in good connection and if still the problem persists, take the alternator off and have it bench tested at the local parts or auto electrics place.