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12-31-2015, 11:36 AM
This is regarding a 67 I bought as a restorable parts car. I have engine number CT67105E and body number inside of left rear wheel well ZS069487 and I'm trying to find the commission number. I've been in contact with BMH regarding a certificate for the car and they reluctantly agreed to research the car using the engine number. That said they did email me saying that the engine number was not found and I'm back to square one. Does anyone have any suggestions regarding another approach that might be successful? I really don't want to cut this car up for parts! I'm in AL and it's not a title state for pre 76 cars so the body number or engine number could be used for registration.
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12-31-2015, 12:17 PM
I don't know the specific process for Alabama, but most states have a legal process for building cars from parts. Take the assembled car and any documentation you do have (bill of sale, parts receipts, etc) down to the DMV; fill out a statement of what happened, and they assign you a new VIN number & title. I've been through it in Indiana and California, both were relatively painless if you keep the right attitude (take something to read while you wait interminably for the clerk to ask a supervisor what to do).

It did take several trips last time, as they felt the car wasn't "complete" enough the first two times. Why it makes a difference whether the doors are bolted on or laying inside, I have no idea! But the title was a lot less hassle than, for example, keeping my black plate.

PS, I find that it helps to show up about 1/2 hour before closing time, in the middle of the week. Once the doors are locked at 5 PM, things start moving much faster. YMMV

Geo Hahn
12-31-2015, 12:18 PM
That ZS number does not look like an official chassis number. On TR4s there is a tag in the engine bay:



Sometimes engine numbers get recorded incorrectly (mine was) so finding it using just that would not work. The records they have are copies of copies possibly involving 3x5 cards that were in the production area (oil, grease & tea stains) then microfiched -- so legibility and accuracy is not perfect.

Sounds like you may be stuck with registering it with that engine number. Not all bad, but possibly a concern when it is time to sell.

Geo Hahn
12-31-2015, 12:20 PM
...(take something to read while you wait...)

If it is like Arizona, I would suggest 'War and Peace' or possibly 'Crime & Punishment'.

12-31-2015, 12:33 PM
Thanks guys...registration in AL is no problem and they are pretty quick as well. They will use whatever number I provide, engine or body. What I'm trying to do is find the commission and/or body number of this car using the 2 numbers I have. If I restore the car and decide to sell it later I want to have correct numbers. As I said, AL is a no title state for cars that are pre 1976 and they will only issue a tag based on the info I give them...even if I have a title for an older car they won't use it, transfer it, or register it (the title, not the car) since it's pre 1976.

Marvin Gruber
12-31-2015, 08:00 PM
just call sometime and I can fix you up.
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