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06-22-2005, 11:47 PM
I finally got everything back together. I ended up placing new thrust washers (that was my original project) as there was about .013 play in the crank. Obtained several sets, not knowing what I would need. Actually only had to place stock-sized washers, with the bare minumum amount of allowable play in the crank. Checked it with a dial gauge.
The hardest part was retorqueing the bolts on the back crank bearing. Got it up to 64lb and quit. The oil pump was shot so I dropped in a new one. Repainted the oil pan and used new lock washers. Some gorilla had stripped a front bolt for the pan in the aluminum plate. I had no desire to take everything back down and Helicoil the darn thing so I searched in my vast collection of old bolts and found a metric bolt a hair larger than the sae bolt and just threaded that one in place with Loctite.

Bottom line, my oil pressure is now 50+ lbs at idle and 70 lbs at speed. Had to be the oil pump. Installed a new rebuilt dizzy all at the same time and she cranked instantly at first try. Satisfying. Spun the timing over to 8 degrees BTDC and she sounds sooooo good. Now my tach is not working. (intermittantly working) Might have to pull the cable and slide in a new one. I'll call the guy tht did the distributor for my and run that by him. (Mark at British Auto in NY). I am a tired puppy right now as I have worked all day and then came home to finish the car. The music to my ears when she cranked with good oil pressure was worth it. Now I have to soak the grease out form under my nails before I fix some teeth tomorrow.


06-23-2005, 09:55 AM
Sounds like good work to me, Bill. Congrats!

Did you use a standard oil pump for the replacement, or a fancy, aftermarket one?

06-23-2005, 11:43 AM
TR6Bill, good job and a hint about the dirty nails, use some Goop or some hand cleaner before you start and get lots on your nails only wipe off your hands leaving a little bit under your nails and around them, cleans up like a charm. You can get the gloves now, but I have trouble getting at small nuts and bolts with them. Wayne