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08-22-2015, 01:51 PM
59 Bugeye - Barn Find for Sale in SW Ohio (https://www.panjo.com/buy/59-bugeye-barn-find-for-sale-in-sw-ohio-215652)

1959 Bugeye Sprite ? Barn Find in Ohio
Last titled in 1978, this Bugeye, was a former Auto-X Racer. My assumption is that it broke and was stored indoors ever since. I chased this car for 4 years as a restoration candidate, and 4 months after I found another BE this one became available and I bought it. 2 Years later my dreams of restoring a 2nd BE are grounded in reality. I will not have time to restore this one for 3-4 years and funds are needed for my 1st BE.

Car is very dirty after 20 years of Barn Storage and the last 17 stored in an airplane hangar. It needs a thorough cleaning. Originally Iris Blue, repainted to OEW. Here is my appraisal of condition of this BE. 1098 Installed in the BE, engine is frozen and I cannot attest to condition. I will be including a 948 that came out of my current BE Project Car. This engine was last run in 1983 and was in running order when removed from my Project Car. Engine turns over freely by hand and could be made running in short order. I also have a rebuilt Smooth Case Transmission that documentation that came with the Project BE says it was rebuilt in 1983. What ?rebuilt means I do not know. But cost in 1983 was $150 for the rebuild.

BE Tub is sound with no dents or issues with rear clip. DS has a fiberglass patch about 12? x 18? under the Driver Seat. Floor will need to be replaced on DS or a patch welded in. PS looks pretty good and sound, may require some minor patching. DS will require small A-Post Repair panel. Outer sill DS looks pretty good, small hole that could be patched and not require a complete Outer Sill. DS Rear quarter has a small hole, could be patched with a partial repair panel. Hole is about 1? back from Wheel well x 2.5 ?. Again a quick fix. PS will need a complete A-Post Repair Panel . Rust bubbles about 12-16? on the panel. I performed this repair on both sides on my ?68 Sprite and was fairly simple even for a welding novice. Outer Sill on PS has one hole on lower corner behind Wheel Well. Could be a partial Outer Sill Repair better full sill. Spring boxes appear to be in good shape from inside cockpit. I have not been underneath car to inspect from underneath.

Bonnet has surface Rust as P.O. started stripping 30+ years ago and never finished. A Flapper Disk would take down to bare metal in a few hours. Bonnet will require new fender beading. I have already cut the channel so a new fender bead can be glued with modern auto repair adhesives. Some work will be needed around the seam for lower valence and turn signals to close pinholes.

Original Dash, unmolested and no cuts in dash for radio. All instruments included. Seats from my Project BE are included, Upholstered in Red. One seat will require a new seat pan base. Sliders and spacers for seats are included. Luggage rack rusty needs re-chroming or fill in the holes. Rear Bumper over-riders are dented and should be replaced. Top Frame with top bars and a crappy top is included along with side curtains.

Overall this BE is a sound candidate for restoration project. I would definitely keep it as another project but my wife doesn?t want ?another old car taking up space in both garages.? This one needs to go. Restored BE?s with 948?s are going for $12-16k. BE?s with upgrades like 1275?s, Disc Brakes, and 5 speeds regularly go for $20-$25k. Classic Motor Sports is about to start a BE Restoration Series. Prices on Project BE?s are about to go up. Asking $2k with 948 and Smooth Case Tranny. $1,700 for BE alone. Clear Title in hand. Car is located in Southwest OH. Additional pictures or information contact Jim Gruber 937-654-6388 or jamesgruber@sbcglobal.net.

List Date: 8/22/2015
Location: Hillsboro, OH, United States

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Sold to first guy who looked at Bugsy III.