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08-13-2015, 06:23 PM
Hi Everyone,
I've been interested in getting a British sports car, but as a family man, finding one with a backseat for two small kids would be a HUGE bonus. I'm pretty open to any make or model as long as it's at least fun to drive. So far I'm aware of the Triumph Stag and I believe that the GT6 has occasional backseats. What other makes/models are you aware of? I would LOVE to find a TVR here in the states but don't think that they ever made a 2+2. Any help is greatly appreciated!!!


08-13-2015, 06:58 PM
If I was looking for a british car that was comfortable and SAFE for a family, I would be buying a Jaguar MK2 3.4 manual.

08-13-2015, 07:49 PM
Thanks! I should add that my budget will likely be around 15,000 usd

Andrew Mace
08-13-2015, 10:28 PM
Don't overlook the mighty Triumph Herald! Sedans have back seats almost good enough for smaller adults, and convertibles have back seats suitable for children and maybe preteens; anyone older won't find the Herald convertible back seat comfortable for any great distance.

Oh, and regarding the GT6: there was a (rare) optional rear seat, but to say that it offered -- among other things -- virtually NO legroom is being kind! ;)

08-13-2015, 10:40 PM
How about the Triumph Acclaim (though it didn't make it over here)?


I also like the Triumph Dolomite: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Triumph_Dolomite

I don't think they were officially sold here, but I think there are some around.

08-13-2015, 11:57 PM
You could always get one of these!

Mickey Richaud
08-14-2015, 05:11 AM
And along with the Herald, for a sportier version, have a look at the Vitesse:



08-14-2015, 09:47 AM
Thanks everyone! I really like the Herald. A friend suggested a jensen interceptor. Do you have any thoughts on those? Or appears that some are extremely expensive but this one is under 20 grand. Any idea why? https://www.hemmings.com/classifieds/cars-for-sale/jensen/interceptor-2/1747808.html

08-14-2015, 10:00 AM
Restoration in progress. Guy needs money as he sold business. Wants to sell immediately for lower price.

Geo Hahn
08-14-2015, 10:22 AM
You might consider an E-Type Jaguar 2+2 (6 cylinder version).

It is the 'unloved' E-Type as many do not care for how the addition of a back seat and longer wheelbase changed the lines of the original but that just makes them more affordable. Perhaps not cheap in the overall scheme of things but much much less than a 2-seater E-Type.

Most came with air conditioning and some had automatics -- though if you drive an E-Type I would think the 4-speed would be part of the enjoyment.

In my opinion, the two biggest pluses in owning one of these would be:

1. They are likely to hold value or appreciate as other E-Types achieve prices that put them beyond the reach of many enthusiasts.

2. When you sit in the driver's seat, look out over than E-Type bonnet and feel the power of the XK engine... you can't really know (or care) that it's a 2+2.

BTW - like some other British cars, E-Types have an undeserved reputation as being unreliable, hard to work on and expensive to maintain. The first two are just not the case and parts costs which can be higher for some things is still nowhere in the range of the German and Italian equivalents.

You owe it to yourself to drive as many of the recommendations here as you can track down. Whatever you choose my other suggestion is to buy the best example you can afford and at the very least get something that you and the family can enjoy on the road soon or right away.

Marvin Gruber
08-15-2015, 11:08 AM
Good words Geo. To add just a little to the 2+2 E type, find a Series 1 car, they don't have as big of a rear "bubble" as Series two cars, plus the covered headlight that is very well known. I just happen to know where there is one.LOL

08-15-2015, 11:16 AM
Look at MGB GTs. You can find a real nice one for half of your budget. Might even find a V8 swapped one for $15K.

08-15-2015, 02:38 PM
My unsolicited $.02 would be not to buy a old British car as a kiddy hauler. The kids will outgrow it quickly and by today"s standard it would be deemed unsafe and probably classed as child abuse. Our son did occupy the back of an XKE 2+2,TR4, and MGB, but that was long before mandatory child seats, air bags, and even seat belts. Also, traffic was much lighter and maniac drivers weren't in abundance.
Maybe give the kids an occasional ride in the old British dinosaur, but don't buy it with daily transportation in mind.

08-16-2015, 02:14 PM
Thanks everyone!

08-16-2015, 02:30 PM
Marv-You have a PM concerning the E type you own.

09-23-2015, 09:24 AM
If interested in a 63 TR4 in the STL I may be willing to sell mine.