View Full Version : GT6 GT6+ Parts for Sale in Newfoundland, Canada

07-06-2015, 03:26 PM
Hi Folks:
I tried putting this in Triumph Classifieds but now trying this to keep things simpler. Looking for potential interest here before I start hauling out parts to photograph in detail. I am in Newfoundland, Canada, about as far east as one can get in North America so shipping may be a consideration for some folks, but possibly only on the larger items. Some time ago I parted out a round tail GT6+, not even sure of the year but suspect later round tail versus early model as the grille as I remember it was of the later version. Body and all VIN long gone to scrapyard. I have the following, all in fair, to good to very good condition:

Rear hatch - with handle and without glass - no rust. Kids with rocks took care of most of the glass in the car.
Driver's side wing/vent window assembly - complete including glass.
Original gas tank
Gas cap - flip-up type
All four (4) chrome fender top finishing strips
Left and right rear window frames - chrome, without glass
Center arm rest
Center dash panel - where gauges, heater and other controls are mounted
Center console support bracket
Two (2) rear tail light lenses. One perfect, one cracked
Chrome front bumper with bumperettes - pretty good condition
Two (2) rear bumperettes, chrome but need rechroming
Two (2) door latch assemblies
Plywood rear deck cover
Steering wheel without the center assembly - reasonably good condition
I also have a round tail Spit, fiberglass hardtop without fittings. It has the vinyl rear "glass" but it is in pretty rough shape and would need to be replaced. Expensive to ship such a large item.

I don't have any gauges with the dash bits - PO had installed a Fiat 124 engine and trans and had substituted all Italian gauges. I have some other misc, small bits and pieces, couple of rear light (backup and indicator I think). I sold the diff. I may still have the wiper motor and I will look for it. Stuff is in my shed behind a lot of TR6 stuff. If there is interest in any or all of this I will endeavor to get pics on-line. I have had many parts shipped to me here in Newfoundland from Moss and TRF and while I'm not crazy about the shipping charges, they were not high enough to prevent me from ordering parts. Most expensive items I had shipped to me were a set of four alloy wheels and a Falcon stainless dual sport exhaust system. Large packages, hefty shipping. Please feel free to inquire further; Forum or PM.