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06-24-2015, 10:05 PM
1975 Supercharged TR6 (https://www.panjo.com/buy/1975-supercharged-tr6-205918)

For sale is my 1975 Supercharged TR6. This is an unbelievable car! It runs fantastic and the supercharger yields a 30% power and torque increase! The work that has been done to this car is partially listed below. I bought this car from a Six Pack member and I am regrettably selling it owing to financial reasons. This person did all the work in the last 12 years. He is very meticulous! This was made obvious to me during extensive conversations that I had with him before I purchased this car. Also, I have a complete service records with all the receipts he acquired as he was redoing the car (A full file box full of them!). The car is an original overdrive car that works perfect. The car is fitted with center lock spline-drive Dayton Wire Wheels that use tubeless tires. As can be seen from the ID tag, the original color of the car was Maple Brown with Beige interior. The car is presently Jaguar Racing Green with Beige interior. There are no rust issues on this car. The paint, however, does have some blemishes and imperfections. The color change is very good and was done some time ago. I have listed some of the individual upgrades and work that has been done to this amazing car:
Engine: The engine was completely rebuilt around 10k miles ago. This rebuild included new crankshaft (polished), camshaft, ceramic coated pistons, block cold tanked, rings, bush standard ration rocker arms, high performance lifters, chrome moly pushrods, adjustable cam sprockets, oil pump, water pump, distributor (solid state), MSD ignition, tri-metal main and rod bearings and GM alternator conversion. The flywheel has been lightened and the entire engine was dynamically balanced such that every piston and rod was balanced within .5 grams of each other.
Of course, there was the fitment of the Rootes type Supercharger. This also included the fitment of a single SU carb and a different fuel pump. There is a pressure gauge under the hood to monitor the fuel pressure. Every detail has been attended to in fitting and setting up this supercharger. I have dyno readouts that were done for this car: 128.4 Hp and 175 lb-ft torque (stock is 91 Hp and 123 lb-ft torque). Remember, these are rear wheel figures, not at the crankshaft.
Interior: The interior has been completely redone using ?69 seats and fully rebuilt pre-72 gauges. The speedometer, after it was rebuilt was set to the mileage on the car. So, the mileage listed is close to original. The window mechanisms have been replaced and the dashboard is a beautiful birdseye maple. The top is in beautiful shape and I have the boot and the tonneau cover. I also have a complete car cover. There is a neat electronic gauge under the dash that monitors boost, engine fuel/air mixture and fuel pressure. The wiring to the headlights has been relayed for long life. The key has been moved to the center of the dash like the ?69?s. Everything works on this car!

There is much more to this car than I can even explain here. I have many more photos if wanted. If you have any questions, please call me at (315) 247-9168.
I forgot to mention that I have a number of extra parts that go with the car including a new window/top rubber seal kit (not that it really needs it), the original gauges, valve cover and dash pad (the portion where the key was moved to), a Goode bushing kit and a bunch of other parts. thank you!

Thank you! Eugene

List Date: 6/25/2015
Location: Brewerton, NY, United States

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07-16-2015, 09:31 AM
Vehicle is Sold THank you