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06-22-2015, 06:15 PM
AH100 engine, BN2 tranny, parts wanted please! (https://www.panjo.com/buy/ah100-engine-bn2-tranny-parts-wanted-please-205553)

Hi gents- I've got a BN2 which was set up for a v8 (long before I was born!) and I'd like to revert to an original drivetrain. I'd like to find a 100 motor complete, but I'd also be interested in a bare block, crank, or any parts which might help me build up a motor eventually, and bring the car close/closer to original spec. I do have a valve cover and 2 pistons, so I'm 10% there! And I'm looking for a BN2 bellhousing and/or complete BN2 tranny and OD. I have a later 4-speed sideshift and I've heard I can use that but need to cut 1/2" off the input shaft, so might go that route depending on what I find. I am hoping there's a forum member on the West Coast who might be able to help, or know of someone who might be willing to sell. I'd be willing to pick it up, or have it shipped. I have some 6-cylinder parts I've collected over the years I'd be willing to trade, including body panels and engines, if that helps secure 100-4 parts.
My car is also missing a few other parts (seats, cowl trim, boot/trunk lid, misc.) so if you have 100-4 parts looking for a good home, please let me know!
Thanks in advance,

List Date: 6/22/2015

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