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James Dean
04-26-2015, 08:43 PM
1974Jaguar XJ6C Coupe 250th RHD Built.In Storage 20 Years, after Restoration (https://www.panjo.com/buy/1974jaguar-xj6c-coupe-250th-rhd-built-in-storage-20-years-after-restoration-196148)

I acquired this rare Jaguar XJ6C Coupe, the 250th Right Hand Drive built, from Graig Hinton, the Legendary Jaguar specialist and Vintage racer, who imported it from England in 1985 in the name of his new Mother in Law.Technically I bought it from a 94 year old Woman who never drove it; but Graig drove it a few thousand miles.It was in good mechanical condition. It shows about 85,000 miles, probably original. It is well documented with Heritage trace showing it was delivered to Henly's in London Spring of 1975..I have copies of English registration, Import papers with DOT and EPA exemption (as it had SU Carbs and English bumpers), and 1974 Florida title in my name... Graig had connections at Jaguar, and obtained a letter stating it was being built in 1974, so imported and titled it as a 1974..The XJC is the last car personally designed by Sir William Lyons (The last car not designed by a committee). 6,541 XJ6C's were built. Jaguar lost money on every one, as there was so much hand work involved.They could build 2 sedans in the time they built one coupe. For instance; I was told Jaguar never designed doors or roof for this car; but modified 2 sedan doors to make one, and modified a sedan roof for the coupe; then covered the rough result with a vinyl top. I spent 2 years restoring body and interior. New floors and metalwork were done by a fine German craftsman. The assistant spent Weeks getting the top straight, and car was painted 30 coats of hand rubbed Dupont Regency red (Burgundy) Lacquer; the original color..Interior was done by a Rolls Royce specialist,leather done to match the exterior.Headliner is beautiful, dash was re veneered in walnut Burl..I added a manual clutch pedal box, in case you want to fit a 4 speed. I drove the car 100 miles, it overheated. I checked head torque, a stud snapped, so I removed engine and automatic transmission. I began having trouble with the City of Ft. Lauderdale Code Enforcement, so put it under a cover in my warehouse for 2 decades. I acquired a good engine and automatic transmission, and moved the car to Sebring Florida, when I relocated 6 months ago. It has small scratches and a few small dents from storage; but give it to a 60 year old painter, with a pint of lacquer for a few days, and it will show the depth as only lacquer does, as it did 2 decades ago. The bonnet is the finest you will ever see. I feel this car should be left original, due to its heritage; but that is up to you. If you want to convert it to LHD, I will include a LHD dashboard; but do not have a LHD steering rack. I will now sell this time warp car with good engine, automatic transmission and original SU carbs and manifold for $12,000 or if you want it running and driving, add $3,000. If you do not want engine, transmission and carburettors, I will take $11,000.. I would prefer to have it picked up in Sebring Florida, but if you are out of the country, I will bolt engine and transmission in, for shipping only, and deliver it to a container export shipping company in Ft. Lauderdale, I have used for many years, for $600.I can arrange shipping for you at your expense. Please contact me about payment and shipping, as I will not accept Paypal for this car. Please phone or email me. Do NOT TEXT ME. TEXT MESSAGES WILL BE IGNORED. Thank you, James Dean .. thejaguru

List Date: 4/27/2015

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