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Thread: Hot armature electric motor

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    Hot armature electric motor

    I have an N scale locomotive that I bought at a model railroad show. It is an Aurora/ Trix- could be forty years old. At first it would not run on the track so I used jumpers to the wheels. A little lubrication and it now runs. The armature, however seems to get very hot and there is the aroma of hot wire. Interesting that the engine runs to opposite of the other Trix locomotives, and it seems to run better in "reverse"- cab end at the rear.


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    Re: Hot armature electric motor

    Dad will be along shorty.

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    Re: Hot armature electric motor

    My Girlfriend recently bought me a "new" HO scale locomotive. It is a Fairbanks-Morse diesel made by AHM/Tyco and has a 1973 build date on the box. Had a very similar problem with it and I ended up having to tear it totally down to a bare frame to rebuild all the running gear to fix most of it's hot/smell issues. Still gets warm but it runs. Not sure why I bothered to fix it up as it doesn't have the pulling power or circuitry to operate on my railroad and converting it would involve a total replacement of the entire drive-train including the trucks.
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