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Thread: Healey Registrar Forms UPDATE!!

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    Exclamation Healey Registrar Forms UPDATE!!

    Most of you have probably noticed that we have links here, in the Healey forum, to "BJ7, BJ8 and AH100 registrar forms! I'm sure many of you have used these to add your Healey to the respective registry. However, due to a large number of spammers (automated bots) finning in these forms with garbage and submitting them, I have moved the forms into a password-protected directory. If you look just above the links to these forums, you will see instructions that will tell you the user name and password needed to access these forms in the future. So, if you didn't realize these were there and would like to add your car the the relevant registry, please feel free to use these forms. The personal info is held confidential and the form's info is emailed to the respective registrar when submitted.

    ALSO: For BJ7 owners. If you had used the BJ7 form before today and found that it did not work, that's because there was a bug in the form. If you have a BJ7 and want to try the form again, it should now work.


    Update 8-17-2014: Despite my best efforts to draw attention to the fact that there is a special user name and password needed to use the Healey registrar forms, and the fact that the user name and password needed are in plain site in the Healey registrar forms section above, I still get frustrated messages from folks who can't get into the forms because THEY ARE TRYING TO USE THEIR FORUM NAME AND PASSWORD!!! Nooooo!!!! The forms for the registration are in a special password protected directory in order, as stated above, to stop spammers from filling out the forms with gibberish. The user name and password needed is clearly listed just below the large red print that says: IMPORTANT! To access the below Registry forms, you will need to enter the following:

    Then, if you look just below that text you will see the user name and password needed. Don't try to use your forum log in info to access those forms - it……will……not…!
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