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Thread: Various SU Carb's and such

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    Various SU Carb's and such

    I am going to try to get through them in the next few days, but I have a lot of various SU carbs and carb parts (mainly complete carbs). I would say pretty much all of them would need rebuilt.

    I would say there are probably over a dozen sets, some are for B's Midgets, possibly some Triumphs and other various English cars.

    I also have a few heat shields, a few intake manifolds and even one or 2 exhaust manifolds.

    If you are looking/needing something specific, please let me know and I can look and get you pictures.

    I am hoping to organize everything in the next couple days and get pictures up.

    On a different note, there are also quite a bit of NOS type of things (not carb related) that I will be sorting through in the next week and listing.

    As for the carb stuff, let me know what you need and just make me an offer, we just need to get it gone.

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    Re: Various SU Carb's and such

    Looking for a HS6 carb, complete, rebuildable. Price and shipping to 68803.

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    Re: Various SU Carb's and such

    If you have any HD8 carbs, please contact me.

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    Re: Various SU Carb's and such

    Guys, this thread is from 2013....these are LONG gone.


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