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Thread: 72 TR6 Craigslist

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    72 TR6 Craigslist

    I checked craigslist Sat. eve., there was a Blue 72 TR6 for $750. Whole complete car, ran when parked, turns over, 92K miles. Before I could get trailer hooked up, was sold. On list for less than 12 hrs. ****!!!
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    Re: 72 TR6 Craigslist

    People are watching Craigslist very closely. I put a 230 SL conv. on Craigslist last year, it sold in the first two hours and I had people beeping in while I was talking to the first guy who bought the car. I was also lucky enough to see a TR4 in VA last year as well, listed for $1000. I was first caller and the guy laughed, he said he just posted it 5 minutes before.



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