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Thread: Allen Engine Analyzer

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    Allen Engine Analyzer

    no plans to get one, but, i see these fairly regularly and for similar money. What do they actually analyze? And are they worth it for a hobbyist or just retro garage art?
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    Re: Allen Engine Analyzer

    Just another name for a scope. I used on in a shop years ago.
    I have a King in my garage. Use other tools instead.
    It will show you vacuum (if you connect the vacuum line), spark cascades, intensity, dwell, rev it and watch what stumbles.
    Kill individual cylinders for a balance test.
    Usually has a timing light attached.

    Once you see a problem area, then you pull the plugs and do a compression test anyway, then replaced the plugs with new ones anyway because it was time..
    Takes up a bit of room.
    Hundred bucks, go for it.


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