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Thread: Finding Old Threads on the New Forum

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    Finding Old Threads on the New Forum

    I have seen that many folks are concerned that they had lots of threads "bookmarked" from the old forum but now don't have an easy way to find the same thread on the new forum. That's because the new forum uses a completely different numbering system. For example, a thread on the old forum on BJ8 Production numbers looked like this:

    Which you can't get to because the old forum is closed, but that same thread now looks like this:

    Notice the different number and different URL.

    So, I wrote a script that will look up an old post and determine what the new post number is. If you know the number of the OLD post you are looking for (in the above example it is 876518)

    Then enter that number into the little script I wrote and click "submit" it will tell you what the NEW post number is and in fact the script will provide you a link to the thread on the NEW forum. Then you can re-bookmark it on the new forum.

    To try it out, go HERE

    To try it out, try entering the old number of the thread on BJ8 productions numbers (e.g., enter 876518 ) and it should give you a link to that same post on THIS NEW forum.

    Hope this helps some of you who had a lot of posts book marked from the old forum.

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    Re: Finding Old Threads on the New Forum

    What do you do if you know the date, but not the thread number?
    TRiumph, 31JAN12.
    RCufley, DNK and myself in the thread for sure. His last post was in December 2012, we fixed it in January 2013.
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