but still in search of a proper top! (Black)
******Need a clip-in rear window!!!!!! ********

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Moss sells the black Everflex BJ7 top with clip-in rear window and will probably be your quickest source for this item. I did look at one and it appears to be correct although it was just in a box, not mounted. I believe Robbins sells one too. Of course you need to have the clips and the metal bar that goes along the bottom of the window. For the hardware check with British Car Specialists. I think they have the clips new and perhaps the metal bar used.

I have been trying to get Heritage to make a BJ7 specific top and have lined up some potential original tops for pattern making but they have not decided if there is enough demand to make a BJ7 top. Please call Heritage .. inquire about a BJ7 clip-in window top to help push them to add this to their line (even if it doesn't help you with your immediate need).