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Thread: Hi from frigid New Braunfels, Texas

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    Hi from frigid New Braunfels, Texas

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    Re: Hi from frigid New Braunfels, Texas

    Greetings and welcome! Would love to see pictures. Glad to have you around but, seriously, 32 deg? frigid? Come on Man - here in Toronto it is the same temperature as the surface of Mars!

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    Re: Hi from frigid New Braunfels, Texas

    Welcome aboard, hello, from another denizen of the frozen north. Here in Wisconsin it's been colder than Antarctica since before Christmas! No sympathy from me either, I'm afraid... You're going to love it here on the BCF!

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    Re: Hi from frigid New Braunfels, Texas

    Welcome to the best resource for LBC's on the web. You will find that you have many people who will be willing to help you, and others to whom your experience will be invaluable. I have visited your community back when our son was stationed at Randolph AFB, but it has been nearly 10 years. It was not that cold when I was there, but it has not been that warm for us locally for a goodly bit, and we are not living the normal frozen tundra. Please be sure to post photos, and enjoy the ride.
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