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Good morning.

Priced out a new interior and a set of Dayton tubeless wire wheels at Moss and just saw over $5500 go poof.

Can you paint one of these to a good, but not outstanding, condition with the fenders and doors on?
In a word, "NO!". The issue is with the seam where the stainless steel trim is. It's very difficult to sand close enough to the trim to get good adhesion and masking the trim itself is difficult, making it likely you'll face problems in that area in the future. You might be able to remove the trim by loosening the fender bolts, unbending the tabs that keep the trim in place and removing the trim, but at that point, you might as well go all the way and remove the fenders. Even more importantly, electrolytic corrosion (as Brinkerhoff mentioned above) will generally have gone to work between the steel fenders and aluminum shrouds. Unless you address that, you'll end up with bubbling along the trim.