For sale is a 3 main engine (COMPLETE) from a 1964 MGB roadster. I intended to rebuild and use a spare for my '63 B, but I'd like to source a j-type overdrive from my '74 TR6 so selling or trading this engine.

The rebuild is nearly complete - lower end completely done, ready to bolt the head on and all associated components. I am selling this in its current state for $1200 or completely finished and running for $2000. Or, more favorably, a straight trade for a good working J-type OD for my Triumph TR6.

The block and head were cleaned and magnafluxed (no issues), crank and cam checked for size and round (crank was previously ground, bearings looked new), pistons check for clearance / wear, all new bearings / rings / freeze plugs installed. New double row timing chain & sprockets. Original carbs to be rebuilt (have the needed rebuild kit), original starter works as does the generator. Have a new starter ring for the flywheel and will install. I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention more of the pieces, but it is absolutely complete. Will throw in the matched 4 sp 3 syncro gearbox!

Happy to strap it to a pallet and be present for pickup, but won't arrange shipping. Send me a PM if interested.