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Thread: New member with SP250

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    New member with SP250

    After 20 years of ownership, now that I am retired, I have this year started rebuilding my basket case 1961 SP250.
    I had the SUs serviced in the USA, had the starter motor repaired, and fitted a new starter solenoid and electronic ignition, and after adjustments to tappets and oil/filter change, to my utter amazement it started at the first go. Good oil pressure had persuaded me to continue with the restoration and am having a body-off restoration of the bodywork and examination of the chassis starting in January 2018, and if all looks good, will have it retrimmed in leather once the body is re-attached. Deep red (rojo vino) and beige interior. Next wheels and tyres........
    Best wishes to all for the Festive Season,

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    Re: New member with SP250

    Nice! We have a couple of Sp250 owners here, but it's not what you'd cal common! Sounds like you have your work cut out for you, but it will be worth it when you're done!

    Welcome to BCF!

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    Re: New member with SP250

    Tsimi - welcome to BCF. There are a couple of SP250 owners here, so post any questions in the Other British Cars forum:

    You're in Panama' - where did you find your 250?

    By the way, "red wine" color with beige interior. Sounds great!

    Tom M.
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    Re: New member with SP250

    Thanks for the reply Tom.
    I bought the SP250 in the USA through Bob Santoro of the DLVOC-NA in 1997 when I lived near Seattle WA, and had it shipped down here when I retired, but I knew it was going to be a long (and expensive) project so it has had to wait until everything else fell into place.
    I have owned (in my youth in the UK) a TR3A, Lotus Elan, TR6, and another SP250 as well as 2 Citroen Light 15s, a DS19 plus many other brands, with recent top exotic being Bentley Turbo S, and still have the 1997 Lincoln Mk8 LSC I bought new and it only has 28,000 miles on it! You might say I like my cars!
    Brgds, Tim.

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    Re: New member with SP250

    Welcome to the BCF Tsimsi! You've come to the right place.

    I'll bet that your SP250 is a real traffic-stopper in Panama. I mean, it is anywhere, but you've likely got the only one there!

    Please post a pic or three of it when you get a chance.

    How's the British car scene there?
    Reid Trummel
    Editor, HEALEY MARQUE magazine


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