Hello - I have a question. I'm going to have my Healey 100 painted this winter. It was an amateur restoration so there are some minor body issues I want taken care of and I want new paint. I'll also be getting a new interior.

I have a lift and looking under the car it appears that it could use a bit of a refresh as well. I think proper standards is to have the underneath painted the same as the car, but I'm not going to rip the car apart so I'm looking for an easier solution. Wagner (https://www.wagnerspraytech.com/prod...tocoat-series/) has a sprayer that I could use, but I don't want it rubberized.. maybe just some black paint (the car is black)... though it wouldn't be glossy. I just want some protection and for it to look cleaner. There's also some 3M and Eastwood spray cans that are available. Thoughts? Suggestions?