I have a 1960 Austin healey bug eye i am restoring .i am putting a 1275 in it and the engine rebuilder called today with a list of parts they need .in order to move forward i need to know what the block is we are working on.i hope one or more of you can tell me :

it is a 1275 ,and i am guessing its from the mid 1970s the serial number on it is ,if i heard my mechanic correctly s " 12v167lZiL8952 " please let me know if i have that wrong ..could be i wrote down an I eye and it should have been an L ell.. i'd love to know what year it is as we are about to bore it 30 over and i'd like to buy the parts only once if possible .i am also looking for a fairly agressive cam and 4 new pistons along with a nice weber downdraft set up ..as long as we are going this far ,,what the heck ..i could use a new clutch set up ..you guys all know what i need ..a double sprocket timeing gear etc
we are thinking it would be nice to get
about 100 horsepower out of it without a supercharger ..if anyone has a supercharger in the $2000.00 range please feel free to contact me

thanks much for your time
mike clayton

pittsburg,new Hampshire [8 miles from the Quebec border !!