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Thread: Scam Alert 57 TR3

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    Scam Alert 57 TR3

    I recently found this ad out on the web: al&utm_campaign=cars

    When I clicked on the Read More button it took me here:

    When I posted a general inquiry, I received an email (several weeks later) claiming to be from a Shane Moore. The set up is this, the buyer logs into a supposed third party web site (, enters into some sort of agreement with the third party to hold funds in escrow. The car is then shipped to the buyer and they have 7 days to inspect the car and if they don't want it, it is then returned to the storage facility.

    Total scam. I did a search on Google for Shane Moore and he is indeed a photographer for Discovery Deadliest Catch as the perpetrator of this scam claims to be. However, it also turned up a post on Face Book where several people are posting tale of sorrow over this. The perpetrator (posing as Shane Moore) has tried selling pick up trucks, BMWs, motor cycles. I will be contacting my local office of the FBI and see if they are interested in any of it.

    Buyer beware!

    I'm still looking for a '57 TR3!
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    Re: Scam Alert 57 TR3

    Somehow I keep thinking ... if buyers would just have the car inspected by someone (themselves, local car club, etc.) these scams would shrivel up and blow away.

    Good grief - buying a car sight unseen. Yikes.
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    Re: Scam Alert 57 TR3

    You might get some interest from the US Postal Inspection Service who do a lot of fraud investigation. Electronic mail qualifies getting them involved.


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