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Thread: New Member to this site. Land Rover Jaguar owner.

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    New Member to this site. Land Rover Jaguar owner.

    I am not just a British car enthusiast, I am a car guy. I currently have a 1996 Land Rover Defender 110 300TDI as my daily driver. Over the last 5 years I spent all my time, working less and less, restoring my 1966 Jaguar E-type FHC. Once it was complete I took the car to a mid week car show, where it was admired and praised. Pulling out of the car show, into rush hour traffic, my pride and joy was destroyed in a head on collision by someone making a illegal turn. The driver was charged. with Careless Driving.
    I dealt with the insurance company and was allowed to keep the car and was paid out. I started searching for parts and found myself months latter in a field full of 3 E-types, 2 Austin Healy 100-6 and 2 MG TD's as well as 2 Jaguar XJS and a Sovereign and a Vanden plas.

    I pursued the E-types and now own aside from my 1966 FHC, a 1962 E-type 3.8 Flat Floor OTS, a 1965 E-type 4.2 OTS and a 1966 E-type 4.2 2+2. now the fun begins.

    I will be turning the 2+2 into a VARAC vintage racer, which will have me asking many questions. This should be fun.

    Graham Prentice
    "an agent that works"

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    Re: New Member to this site. Land Rover Jaguar owner.

    Graham, welcome to the BCF! You've come to the right place.

    Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you. (I hope you're young; sounds like you have a lifetime worth of projects to deal with.)

    In any case, please post some pics when you get a chance, and again, welcome!
    Reid Trummel
    Editor, HEALEY MARQUE magazine

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    Re: New Member to this site. Land Rover Jaguar owner.

    Welcome to BCF! That story about your e-type makes me want to cry! I have a 67 E-Type roadster, but in high school I had a 67 FHC.
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