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Thread: New member in East Texas

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    New member in East Texas

    Not a post for the purist. Started looking for a MGB V6 candidate several months ago. Ended up with four of the little critters. Working on the 77 now. A 3.4 conversion plus chrome bumpers. Will do a V8 swap on the 74 later. Other two are parts cars.

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    Re: New member in East Texas

    Hey, Jarhead. Welcome from an ArkLaTex transplant! Grew up in Shreveport. (Well, my wife would say I haven't grown up...)

    I've a '69 BGT with a 3.4 and love it; no doubt you'll have a ball as well. Is the '74 a chrome bumper model? A bit more fiddly to do the conversion, but lots have gone before you.

    Let me know if I can offer any advice; glad to send pictures, etc.

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    Re: New member in East Texas

    Welcome to the BCF Lonestarjarhead, and Semper Fi! You've come to the right place.

    Sounds like you've got your work cut out for you. Good luck with the conversion(s) and post some pics when the cars get to the "photogenic phase."
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