I messed-up and bought these early-TR4 seat bottom cushions, thinking that they would work on TR3A seats. Much to my surprise, the original early TR4 seats have a "well" in the seat bottom pan, and that's what these cushions fit.

These are original seat cushions from the Los Angeles area and came to me from a long-time Morgan Club acquaintance. The upholstery (probably redone) is in the original pattern and the vinyl's very heavy and strong. Some marks of use - so these would be suitable for a "driver" as they are now. Springs and padding in very good shape. See photos for details.

  • Price is $260, with free shipping to USA locations.
  • Losing some at this amount, but it's the price of not knowing about TR4s. Paypal works best.
  • Please note that new bare springs alone (without padding or upholstery, at RF sale price) go for $250 each, plus shipping - and these are excellent originals for half price. Thanks for your interest!