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Thread: Good Day from N.E. Tennessee

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    Good Day from N.E. Tennessee

    Glad to have found this forum. No doubt it will help in my daily trials of keeping two Triumphs, one Elf, and an MGB in good running, safe mechanical condition. We have a local club, Appalachian British Car Society, which meets monthly and conducts monthly permitted. We had 10 cars complete about an eighty mile jaunt along the valleys and ridgelines here yesterday in 50 degree weather. So, my personal goal is to be able to drive these cars as much as possible. The Triumphs and MGB love the twisty bits and mountain climbs.....the wee Elf...not so much the uphill but definitely enjoys the downhill runs! For each of IMG_1088.JPGIMG_1096.jpgthe past two summers my wife and I have completed week long roughly 2000 mile adventures in the TR3. I am blessed to have the ability (mostly thru research and reading) to do most of the mechanical and maintenance work on these myself.....with the advice of friends and now new friends on BCF.

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    Re: Good Day from N.E. Tennessee

    Welcome from Townsend! Have we met? I'm active in the Blount British Car Club and some of the functions of the English Auto club in Knoxville. Also attended Greeneville's show a couple times.

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    Re: Good Day from N.E. Tennessee

    Welcome to the BCF LBCpoor! You've come to the right place.

    Nice set of LBCs you have there. I've loved the look of the Elf for a long time.

    Reid Trummel
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