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    BT7 wiring

    I have most everything hooked up on my wiring. Trouble is I have one wire I am not sure where it goes. It could be it is not for this car. I do not see on the wiring diagram but I could be missing it.
    it is sheathed like it may be near something hot....
    any ideas? Maybe for a car with a thermal choke? See picture3FFDF42D-BE78-4E4F-AD44-FC868B312D35.jpg

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    Re: BT7 wiring

    Did your car have fog/driving lights? It is hard to tell in the photo, but if that wire is fabric and is red/yellow, I believe the wire would have been used for the lights if wire color convention was used. I am not saying any of this with certainty. I am sure others will chime in to confirm or offer other possibilities.
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