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Thread: Don just got a 1975 TR6 Hobby car

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    Don just got a 1975 TR6 Hobby car

    I just picked up a 1975 TR6 It appears to be in pretty good shape, I had 4 TR4s as a teenager but that was umm a long time ago lol. So far I have removed the seats door panels and carpets
    Found some minor rust under drivers pedal area flor boards will need about a 8 inch by 12 inch patch
    Havenít seen any rust anywhere else.
    The heater an doesnít seem to work Iím told this is the time to repair, Iím reading old posts that i have to remove the dash to remove old box ? Anyone know ?
    Ive ordered carpet kit and interior panel kits from Moss and victoriabritish.
    Ultimate goal is to have car looking and working well by next spring then decide if I want to just enjoy or go further, further looks very expensive though, any suggestions appreciated.
    Looking forward to my new hobby and hoping to enjoy it for years to come.

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    Re: Don just got a 1975 TR6 Hobby car

    Welcome Don! Pictures?

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    Re: Don just got a 1975 TR6 Hobby car

    Welcome to the BCF Don! You've come to the right place.

    Nice choice of cars and good to know that another one is in good hands and destined for improved condition.

    The folks in the BCF's Triumph Forum will likely have lots of good advice about going further. Just enjoying the car through next summer is probably a good idea and gives you a chance to meet other owners in BC/WA and gather more opinions. If you decide to take the car off the road for major work, it might be better to wait until about a year from now when good driving weather is getting rare. In any case, good luck and again, welcome.
    Reid Trummel
    Editor, HEALEY MARQUE magazine


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