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Thread: glove box lock

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    Re: glove box lock

    Well I got the trunk lock fixed by replacing the cylinder with one that did not have a broken little peg then I moved my tumbles to that cylinder, so now I can use the one key, like 25 years ago.

    I thought I would move on to my project car doors with my new found lock knowledge, but I hit a wall. I got the pins out of the frame, but I cannot get the cylinders to come out of the housing. Do you have solution for that PJ? Or someone else have an idea. I am thinking of throwing them on the floor and see if the cylinder pops out!!!!! I was going to try some heat on the shaft, but my caveman stuff usually gets me behind, so anyone have fineness’ move they would like to share.
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    Re: glove box lock

    By "cylinder" do you mean the lock barrel? Your photo shows what appears to be a lock barrel sitting next to the handle,
    so I'm not sure what you're referring to.
    IIRC the lock barrel cannot be (easily) removed from the case unless the working key is inserted.


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