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Thread: Ignition light lense

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    Ignition light lense

    The lense for my ignition light is missing. Anyone know where I can buy one?

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    Re: Ignition light lense

    I made new ones.
    Used binder divider tabs - the ones with the clear plastic. Each tab is a different color.
    In my drift set there was one the same size as the lens whole. I punched it out of the tab and glued it in with a touch of super glue.
    While I was at it I made a blue one for the high beam light.

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    Re: Ignition light lense

    thanks. hey i will give it a shot.

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    Re: Ignition light lense

    Depends on the type of car. Earlier cars had the red, clear plastic lens, my BJ8 has a plastic, 'jeweled' lens.

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    Re: Ignition light lense

    Dronedog, IIRC you have a BT7. The lenses for both the ignition and high beams lights are red on that car.
    Rob Glasgow

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    Re: Ignition light lense

    Yup realized they were both red. I found the one in the bottom of the speedo and made the one for the tach. Great tip above. The look identical.

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    Re: Ignition light lense

    I have bought some from English Car Parts. You can get different colors. Triumph used different colors. I have red for oil pressure, Yellow for turn signal and green for high beam
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