(posting this with permission).

Last night I was in town teaching my Family-to-Family class for NAMI. About mid-way though the class, my cellphone vibrated with an incoming call. I normally don't answer my cell phone during class, but I recognized the number as my friend and neighbor Judy (judow on the forum). I thought about letting it go to voice mail and checking it during the class break, but something told me to go ahead and answer. She said, "this is Judy do you have a minute (or something to that effect)." I told her I was in class and asked if I could call her back at the break. To which she replied that she needed someone to take her to the hospital. Her husband was out of state.

Long story short, she ended up calling 911 for an ambulance, but at the same time, I called my wife (since we live only a few miles from Judy) and asked her if she could go stay with Judy while waiting for the ambulance, which she did. Judy lives in the same county as Albuquerque, but very much out in the sticks so it took the ambulance 25 minutes to get there. My wife followed them to the hospital in town, then came home once she knew Judy was being taken care of, etc.

This morning Mary called Judy and learned that they are going to be doing a heart valve replacement surgery on her. Hence the request to keep her in your thoughts and prayers!

(I know a lot of folks in the Healey forum don't frequent the Pub so I'm making this a global post)