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    Grease Zerks

    Working on greasing my TR3 and I cannot get grease into many of my zerks. Is there a method to unclog them or do you just replace them. Thanks!

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    Re: Grease Zerks

    Just replace, IMO. Sometimes you can remove and clean and reuse, but its hardly worth the effort.

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    Re: Grease Zerks

    If they are not clogged up too bad you can sometimes push on the little ball with something small and pointy. But yeah, cheap and easy to just replace. I have used the Harbor Freight assortment w/o any problems:

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    Re: Grease Zerks

    Sounds good. I will just plan on replacing them. Thanks.

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    Re: Grease Zerks

    Be careful to replace the zerks with the same type -- right angle and such. Otherwise you may not be able to get the grease gun to them.

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    Re: Grease Zerks

    Will do. I placed an order with Moss for the specific zerks I need.

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    Re: Grease Zerks

    The failure to get grease into the fitting is not always the fault of the zerks fault. Sometimes the part you are trying to grease is plugged up with dried up grease and rust. Could take the zerk out and try to shoot some grease through it.


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    Re: Grease Zerks

    Heating the zerk with a small pencil flame butane torch will soften the grease up and let it flow.


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