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    TR3s found

    Called a guy today here in New Mexico about some Mustang parts and during the conservation he ssked if I was into Brit cars. Told him about my A coupe , numerous Bs and mmy CGT. He said how about Triumphs. Nope, last one was a TR-4A. Asked if I'd likesome TR-3s?..One complete runner and 2 apart. Plus a building stacked with a huge collection of new parts. I really don't any more stuff but am planning a short road trip to check it out. Any word on how the market is on these would be appreciated.
    Jack Quaif

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    Re: TR3s found

    I just talked to a friend here in California who followed a very similar lead to some TR 3's in New Mexico. Traveled out there with two trailers to purchase the lot. Once they saw what was offered they left with nothing. He said the whole lot was rusted out and worthless. If yours is a SHORT road trip it would be good to check it out.
    As to value, solid sheet metal will sell . For NEWparts you can look at on line catalog like

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    Re: TR3s found

    Stacked with new parts? If you mean new reproduction stuff, Moss Motors etc, then you can use the catalogs. Most parts will probably bring 20 to 50 % less than from the suppliers but if the guy is an old hoarder and has period stuff with "STANPART" labels, the value rises considerably.
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    Re: TR3s found

    I've got a utility trailer that I throw the old TR parts in, including sheet metal that I plan to take to the scrap metal recycler. There just isn't a strong market for the parts yet and I want my trailer back so I can fill it with important stuff! Like Charley says "solid sheet metal will sell " the problem is boxing and shipping the parts, nobody seems to want to pay for that. If this were Healey parts and there were just pieces of shrouds or fenders , it would be worth a look.

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    Re: TR3s found

    Is the guy Barry Nelson? If so, do you have his phone number? I would not be into driving there from the Seattle area, but I would like to take to him.

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    Re: TR3s found

    Steve-I wondered what happened to Barry Nelson. He used to show up at Portland area swap meets with a trailer load of parts. Nice guy that was a wealth of Triumph knowledge.


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